Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shoes: What I wore

So I'm a sucker for shoes. I love them. But I also am one to wear my favorites over and over.
Lately I have tried to branch out and wear some of my shoes that I don't wear every day, now
that I'm interning. Here's what I've been feeling the past few days!

What I!
My TB Caroline flats are one of my favorites! I wear them wayyy too much! So comfy!

What I wore...Interning!
My DSW find high heel, against my flats. The flats won by the 6th hour on my feet interning!

What I my friends wedding!
These are my new Christian Louboutins! I love them, but am gonna try not to wear them too much
so they will stay in great condition for years & years to come!

What I wore....Interning!
I did not end up wearing these shoes that day, but instead wore a diff pair of TB's. I went for a more relaxed, professional look that day. 

Shoes: Part 2 coming soon.
Stay Tuned.

What shoes do ya'll like best?
Stay Stylin,

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  1. Loving the yellow sweater outfit with the nude flats!