Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guest Blogging!

Hey y’all! My name is Kendall and me and my best friend Annie run our blog Southern Obsession! This is both are first time writing a guest blog so hang in there if things get a little rocky! We wanted to keep this post simple, and what better way to do that then share some of our favorite simple pleasures! Ok but before we start, I always have to have a face with a name so here is a picture of Annie (in the red) and I (in the black)

So the first thing that never fails to make me feel happy is some new make up brushes! Both of these are from Sonia Kashuk's Target collection! She always has cute brush collections and have the same quality as the $30 ones from Sephora, so if you are in need of some, I highly suggest checking these out!

The next item on the list are these Lily and Laura Bracelets! Their price ranges depending where you buy them but I have never seen one for more then $8 per bracelet! I think they really can add some pop to any outfit
Here is how I wear some of mine, with my fav watch! 

All the kinds they make!

This next one isn't something you can buy, but you can defiantly do it! Lately I have been OBSESSED with braiding peoples hair! I will do a fish tail braid, french braid, waterfall braid, really the list just goes on and on! Here is a picture of a girl's hair I fishtailed yesterday at school, it is almost therapeutic and defiantly keeps my hands busy!
Something that gives you a little burst of joy doesn't have to be crazy pricey! Take this fish me and Annie bought one day during our lunch break at school for $3! We just walked to the local Pet-Co and bought our Veil Tail Male Beta Fish! Man, we loved that little fish, unfortuantly he did not last too long :(

We hope you enjoyed our little (actually this was kind of a long post, Sorry 'bout that!) guest post! Feel free to check out our blog at
Xox, Kendall and Annie

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