Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Week in Pictures

Presentation day! Hard to believe I only have one oral presentation left on my college career!
Top: Lilly Pulitzer//Pants: Target// Watch: MK// Ring: Chanel

^^ What happens when you get distracted 

Night with friends at Brecks!
Dress: Old Navy
On her: Vineyard Vines Dress & Jacks

Selfie, selfie

We're obsessed with this picture

Baseball, Southern Proper, & Southern Tide, What's better than that?

Went to watch my favorite little cousin play baseball!
Jeans: Michael Kors// Top: Ralph Lauren// Louis Vuitton Delightful// Burberry Sunglasses

My dad went to the Master's final round last weekend! Look what he brought me back!

Look what was waiting on me! I love random surprises!
Masters hat// Lilly Pulitzer Cut-out Elsa// LP bag// Maroon 5 concert tickets!! 

These are only a few pictures, from my very busy week! 
Hope you all had a great week :)

Stay Stylin,


  1. Looks like you had a great week!!


  2. LOVE the nail polish colors!!