Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Day of January

Hope you're all having a good day! I'm spending the rest of my day with one of my best friends Chelcey! We're gonna have a girls day, starting with How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days!!

Here's what I wore to class:

Stay stylin!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2013

It took me a couple days, before I posted on the new LP spring line! I wish there were a few more patterns, but I can always find something I like.
Here are my favorites:

What are your favorites?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Keep Calm & Monogram On!

If you follow A Southern Lady on Instagram you saw that she ordered this tank!
Since she is a fellow LU girl, I thought I should too (:

Seriously, how fitting is this?

Hope you all are having a good day!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

40 things you may not know!

I decided that it would be fun to veer off the fashion world for today and do some facts about me! I haven't shared a ton of things about myself & thought it would be a fun change of pace. I did a post a while back on some random things about me, but I will try not to repeat for you loyal readers! My friend said I couldn't get to 40, let's see about that (:

1. I love tacos & more importantly mexican food in general!
2. I am very afraid of bugs & snakes.
3. I feel the safest at home in NC on my favorite couch, with my parents!
4. I have loved purses and carried one of some kind since I was nine years old.
5. I have learned that hurtles in life make you stronger.
6. I find getting an IV relaxing.
7. I need to be reassured.
8. If I am home, I am in some sort of pajamas with my hair in a bun. It is a fact.
9. I have spent way to much time on Netflix, but I love it!
10. It is rare for my fingernails to be painted.
11. I truly believe I have been blessed with an amazing best friend and group of friends.
12. Laughing is my main calorie burner.
13. Food and me are best friends.
14. I like to draw and have too many doodles to keep up with.
15. I enjoy school and learning.
16. I like rules. I like knowing what is expected of me.
17. I am often intimidated by people I do not know.
18. While one of my favorite colors is pink now, I was not a huge fan when I was younger.
19. My greatest memories were those spent with my parents traveling.
20. I have been to 7 countries in the past 3 years.
21. I am my own worst critic.
22. I become more like my mom everyday. Questioning if I locked my car.
23. I learned how to brave from my Granddaddy.
24. I have gone to a Christian school my entire life...and I love it.
25. I graduate from Liberty in a little over 100 days.
26. My favorite tradition is Saturday mornings with my dad.
27. I never run out of something to say to my mom. I tell her everything.
28. High school was a a great experience for me.
29. I love collard greens, cabbage, squash, and fried green tomatoes. It's the southern girl in me.
30. I love having an April birthday.
31. Country music is the only music in my mind.
32. My favorite designers are: Tory Burch, Michael Kors, & Lilly Pulitzer.
33. Wait: David Yurman, LV, & Burberry have to be added.
34. My closet is growing full, which is sad, when its about the size of my first dorm room.
35. Movies are meant to be watched over and over. Strong believer.
36. If you don't like Father of the Bride, you don't deserve to have your vision.
37. North Carolina was the PERFECT place to grow up!!
38. Raised a Wolfpack fan, but have some loyalty to Duke!
39. 2010 was the best year of my life by far!
40. Last but not least...I hate wearing socks.

(: That is a lot about me! Share a fun fact about yourself in the comment section!


Tees, Tees, Tees

It is no secret that I love a good t-shirt! I have been that way as long as I can remember. I have always asked my dad to bring me back t-shirts from mission trips, or my parents from the trips they have taken together without us kids. 
I probably still have a significant amount of soccer tees from elementary and middle school. Don't get me started on the tees that have lasted that long. I love wearing a t-shirt and remembering where I got it.
But lately, I have been into my more name brand tees! 

Classy Southern Proper Tee.

I love the Frat Collection. I think it is such a fun and unique idea. I got a couple for Christmas and haven't even had the chance to wear them yet, looking forward to that!

I love a boy's Polo tee. So comfy!

MY FAVORITE! I loveee my long sleeve Southern Tide the best!

& who doesn't love a good monogram (:

What T-shirts do you all like?
Any cute etsy finds?


Friday, January 25, 2013

OOTD's & My Life As of Late

Headed out to a country concert with my friends!

Out shopping with mom!
Shirt: Burberry// Watch: Michael Kors// Ring: Chanel// Shoes: Tory Burch

BWW with my main pal, Chelcey! 

Home last weekend!
Sweater: Vineyard Vines // Jeans: Vineyard Vines

Wedding with my best friend Kaitlyn! Our old quadmate was getting married!
On me:
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer// Pearls: J.Crew// Tights: Jessica Simpson// Shoes: Tory Burch Caroline Heels
On her:
Dress: Banana Republic (How cute is it? I love it)
She was dressed much more wedding-like! I wish I had not worn black ha (: 

My thoughts on never being able to sleep!

Sunday morning attire! 
Pants: J.Crew ankle// Blouse: J.Crew// Shoes: Christian Louboutin

So many definitions this semester it feels like!

My go-to shoes & new go-to bag for when I'm in a hurry!

Off to class!
Sweater: Ralph Lauren (so comfy that day!) Bag: Louis Vuitton Damier

Early mornings on Wednesdays for Bio Lab! Typically a more casual look on these days!
Chambray Top & Leggings: Unknown// Boots: Tory Burch// Scarf: Marc Jacobs
Jewelry: Michael Kors, Chanel

Now paired with my Burberry jacket! It was a cold, cold week at school!

I love my ride to class every morning. Lynchburg has the most beautiful sunsets! Plus, the mountains are so pretty this time of year!

Frigid morning folks! 
Coat: Barbour (kept me warm!)// Shirt: Southern Tide// Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer Inifinity// Monogrammed Headband

Not as many outfits to show this time! It has been a very cold few weeks, therefore my outfits have consisted of hoodies, raincoats, & long sleeve tees! 


Friday Five

This Mango dress is so cute! It is simple, classy, and versatile! A classic example of turning a dress from day to night!

Pretty sure this is the only way I finish exercising...

I am 100% IN LOVE with this Kate Spade dress. It is so fun and elegant! 

I just like the simplicity of these shoes! 

Zoom, zoom, zoom, makes my heart go Boom Boom, you Supernova girl...
That's right, I can still sing all the songs. Disney Channel, I miss you!

Quick post, time for bed! I had a very relaxing day, dealing with this snow here in NC! 

Stay Stylin,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Tory Burch

Two things I love: Tory Burch & shoes.
Naturally, I would always be wanting a new pair of TB shoes.
Lucky for me, there are many to choose from right now!
I lean towards the Caroline flats, rather than the Reva's. But TB does not offer as many color choices in the Carolines. (aka I have them all & they need to make more!)
These are the quilted black Reva's, so classy and timeless!

I have these TB Miller sandals in tan, but these are so cute! I think these would be the perfect pop of color to an outfit. Dress it up with black crop pants, or dress it down with shorts and a tee. Either way, these are at the top of my list...also in black might I add.

I feel as if these need no explanation. Tory & python print. Enough said.

I LOVE these cute flats! The bow makes it so feminine & girly! I like all the colors. The coral pair...oh my, oh my!

Another shoe I am lusting over. I can just see myself in these in the summer! 

Guys...Look at these! They are precious! NEED!

Although similar to the royal blue listed above, these are the jelly flats! 
My best friend loves jelly shoes & I only have one pair of jelly Jacks. I can see why she likes them now! 
I'm curious if these would be comfy or not, may need to try them on soon and see!

Just a quick post today! I had my bio lab this morning & do not have class again til 4, so it is a lazy day for me! Headed home for another weekend in NC. I keep leaving VA to avoid the snow, and it just follows me back to NC. Hope you all are having a wonderful day! Stay warm!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunday Five

So I love Clarks! I have been wearing my Wallabee's since the tenth grade. Yes you read that correctly, I have been wearing them for five years. After this year, I feel as if they will have reached the end of their long life. This would be a great replacement!

How cute are these Kate Spade mint heels? I love them. They are so feminine! 

Ok. I am new to loving this Celine bag. While they are popular with the celebrities, I just love the style of this bag. My mom & I were recently shopping at Saks & we were talking to one of our "friends" we have made since shopping there. She had recently gotten a Celine bag & was so excited to show us! While it is a heavy bag, I can't get over how classy it is. 

Ok, this is a joke, but so accurate. While I do not have my Mr. Right quite yet, I never fail to make myself laugh. I am definitely one of those people, who cracks up at herself. I have also been unable to finish a story, because I find it so funny. Ask me to tell you any of my tripping stories, I will die laughing for about 20 minutes before I have even started to tell it.

Ok blogger friends. I have a new love for Chanel.We knew I loved the eye/sunglasses, the purses, the shoes, okay, you get it. I have now fallen in love with their makeup! Right now all I have is lipstick and mascara. Buttttt their is an eyeliner I am eyeing (see what I did there) and maybe another lipstick.
Also, check out those snazzy nails! 

Here are some things I have been liking lately, what about you?


Friday, January 18, 2013

Everything Good Begins with..."L"

It is no secret ya'll that I loveeee Lilly Pulitzer & Louis Vuitton. 
Hence the title, everything good begins with "L."
Well maybe not everything, but my shopping lately has said so!

Last week I picked up the largest Neverfull Louis Vuitton & I am in love! I haven't used it but one time, cause of the awful weather we have had!
How gorgeous is this Lilly Pulitzer dress? 
The picture does it zero justice!
Picked up this beauty today!

It was so great, I had to get the navy too!
I am planning on wearing this to my Baccalaureate service in May for my college graduation!
Our school colors are red, navy, & white, so this is a great choice!

Lastly I picked up both of these LP shoes today! They were wayyyy on sale!
I can't wait for the spring and summer to get here so I can wear them!

I am home for the weekend and am enjoying some time with family, and relaxing!

What are you all up too?

Stay stylin,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

For those of you who know anything about where I go to college, you would know that in the small town of Lynchburg, it rains all the time. I read an article last year that said Lynchburg produced more rain each year than Seattle. Upon my arrival back to school Monday, I was welcomed with a lot of rain. The bummer is, it has yet to stop! I have found myself without my umbrella two days in a row. It is somewhere in my trunk under some things I have yet to bring into my townhouse. What kind of umbrellas do you all use? Style opposed to function? Appearance vs Durability?

I love the Burberry one, because it just seems so classy!
I have a monogrammed umbrella, that I love, but it is time to trade it in! 
Lastly, you can never go wrong with a LP umbrella. The bright colors turn it from a gloomy day, to a great day!

Hope you all are staying out of the rain!