Sunday, December 2, 2012

Right on Target

I don't know about all of you, but I feel as if Target has stepped up their game. Their jewelry stops me every single time. Usually I am on my way to get my groceries, or I would linger a little longer. Christmas time is always a great time in Target, who else loves the coats they have? I love em all! I put together some of the things I'm loving from Target:
These wire gold bracelets would look so cute in a stack!

I loveee these rose gold bangles....and I know Santa is reading this....I want these mom! haha (: 

I think this is cute and fun! A nice touch of fashion to an already normal looking sweater. 

I think these are just fun and cute!

I think these wrap watches are so fun and trendy! These would make stacking easy and comfortable. Hint hint Santa.
This is so classy!

Ok I'm dying over this! This is a Lela Rose top with the Neiman Marcus Collection!
So classy!

Of course I love these. I loveeee loafers! 

Stay Stylin,


  1. I never pay a lot of attention to the jewelry section but this post has convinced me to do otherwise! I think Target has definitely stepped their game up, when I saw the Neiman Marcus collection in Target I was completely floored.

  2. I agree, Target has stepped up their game! I LOVE the peplum sweater, the Target closest to me right now has absolutely no new clothes.. I think maybe they are restocking? Not sure, but either way, I love the leopard watch and chevron bracelets as well!

  3. Target is killing me! I swear I find myself wanting everything from there!