Saturday, June 29, 2013

Where I’ve Been, Where I’m going

Well bloggers…

I have definitely been MIA from the blogging world the past two months or so. Life somehow managed to slow down but still keep me pretty busy all at the same time. Since my last real post, I have graduated college…thank goodness. I start graduate school in the fall for business, so my days of all nighters and exams are far from over. My last semester was a blur. It seems like I met some of the most amazing people and made some of the most amazing memories all in a matter of four months. I went to my first derby, turned twenty-one, took many road trips, and so much more. Post grad life has been pretty great! Life was so busy there for a while, I decided to take a few weeks and just take a breather. Lots of new things are happening in my life and I’m embracing each and every one. Having the feeling of your life finally falling into place is irreplaceable. Join me back on Stay Stylin, for a more posts on my life after college, what I’m learning in the kitchen, and of course what I’m loving in the fashion realm. 

Stay Stylin,

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