Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Michele Lovin'

It's no secret I love a good watch. I come by that honest, because my dear mother loves watches probably more than I do. Her collection makes me drool at times. She introduced me to a watch line about two years back called Michele. Their watches are gorgeous and to die for! They are what some might say a little glamorous.  You can change the watch bands out to match your current outfit or stick to the classic men's watch look.

I have the watch above with two different bands. I love ittttt. I've had it a couple years and don't wear it everyday, but it still gets its time out! 

These three are the ones that make my jaw drop. At Michele, you buy the watch face separately from the band. But how great do those above look with those bands?! I love them. My stylish momma has the two tone watch, along with another classy silver one. 
I'm eyeing that gold one for myself! I wear my gold MK watch a lot, but this one just screams "timeless." 

What do you think?
Go check out this fun brand!

Stay Stylin,

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