Monday, February 4, 2013

Car Ride & Workout Attire

I am back in Lynchburg for a few days. It has been a crazy month being back.
I have different reasons making me go home every weekend since I have been back.
This coming weekend I have a doctor's appointment and I will be doing some interning as well, thus another weekend at home! My life should slow down a little bit after spring break, but until then I am enjoying my time spent at home and my busy life here at Liberty.
For a fun change in pace I decided to post on some outfits for car rides. Today I am wearing some green cords from J.Crew & regretted it the entire ride. Normally I would wear something more comfortable. Lesson learned. Here are few fun items from Target to consider!
Warning: I love workout clothes...for wearing other than working out!
With a more loose fitting tee, this would provide a lot of comfort and breathing room for a stuffy ride!

For those warmer days! While these are great, I am preferential to Nike!

For a legging type of fit!

& a loose all-around comfy pant!

What do you all like to lounge/work out/ride in?


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  1. nice post- I've got to say I go for the legging type fit!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster award so check my blog out for the details on it :D xx