Saturday, February 2, 2013

Current Wish List

Current Wish List

1) I loveeee these Tory Burch shades! I am a huge sunglasses person, and would love this pair!
2) Navy Monogrammed Jacks- I have worn my metallic monogrammed a tonnnn, this would be a smart buy!
3) I love these patent nude Louboutins! I haven't worn my black a ton, but I think I will when I'm not in class all the time!
4) iMac- I'd love this for blogging purposes and for my future fashion needs. But let's be honest, my macbook pro wants a friend!
5) J.Crew lobster sweater! I just love that color combo!
6) Lilly Pulitzer Jewelry box. Enough Said.
7) I LOVE THESE LP PANTS! Need them, GOT TO have them!
8) I just am obsessed with tees, and want a Southern Proper.
9) Black Jack there an explanation even needed?

What is on ya'lls wishlist?!


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