Sunday, April 14, 2013

Change in Plans!

This week has been crazy! 
I had so much fun with all my friends celebrating my 21st birthday!
My friends from home came to Lynchburg and threw me a surprise party at my apartment.
All my closest friends from here came and helped bring in my birthday Friday.
Saturday was spent celebrating my actual birthday by going to the pet store, Bojangles, and me working my very first fashion show! Lots of fun last night as well with two of my closest friends here.

Last weekend I made a big decision....
I'm staying in Lynchburg another year! Since I'm graduating a year early, I feel like I have this year to
decide what's next. In the meantime, I will be starting graduate school & working either at LU or a part time job here in the Burg.

It will be a great year. New apartment. New roommate. CANNOT WAIT.

Here are a few pics from my surprise party! 

My future roomie! Friends since freshman year!


My friends that came up to surprise me!!!

Stay Stylin,

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