Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Last Friday Night

I have been super busy when it comes to my social life lately.
It seems as if everyday it is four or five things I have to get to or do.
Dont get me wrong, I am happy and thankful.
Last Friday was a special day!
It was my last Coffeehouse at LU! Coffeehouse is the biggest even at LU & everyone is so excited
for it every semester. It is hard to explain, but coffee has nothing to do with it.
After we went to my friend, Breck's house! Check her blog out at:
Show her some love! 
Here are a few of the pictures from Friday!

Before dinner!

Breck & I! Picking up our friend Stephanie.
Ps...think the tanning bed has lightened my hair enough, ha!

I am obsessed with that TB belt.

We took Stephanie to enjoy Bojangles for the first time!

We went up to LU's snowflex to look at the city. Our snowflex makes it where 
we can ski or snowboard all year long! It's great to sit in the lodge and watch!

Last weekend was great, but this weekend will be better!
It is my birthday Saturday and I am working my first fashion show! 
Busy, but fun!


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