Friday, April 5, 2013

Hello, Goodbye

Hello Lovelies,
I am sorry for my lack of posts. This is my final month before my college graduation. 
Needless to say it is busy, busy, busy. Between my school work, I'm trying to balance, family, friends, my social life, extra credit, volunteer work, etc. The list could go
on for days. I wish it would slow down a little just so I could enjoy my final month here.
Deans list is just in my grasp if I could just hold on for one more month.
My social life is busting at the seams lately, which is great but adds to my busy life.
A lot is ahead of me in the next five weeks. I will turn 21, finish my undergraduate degree,
graduate, say goodbye to an era, a town, & some wonderful memories.
I'll pack up apartment 30 and move. I'll say goodbye to the most precious little thing & possibly one 
of my most favorite things about this apartment, "my" cat. 
I'll drive through LU one last time as a student, before becoming an alumni. 
I'll say goodbye to some great friends, friends that will be in my life forever now. 
With all those goodbyes, I have a lot of hellos to look forward too.
I'll move home and say hello to the family I didn't get to see everyday while here at college.
I'll get to have lunches/dinners/movie dates with my best friends at home. That in itself
is a reason to be excited for my move, because quite honestly I hit the friend jackpot.
I'll say hello to a new chapter. I'll start graduate school. I'll start searching for jobs and career possibilities. I'll say hello to new places, new restaurants, new clothes, new everything. 
While one beautiful chapter is ending, another will begin. 
This next chapter will be the one where I could meet the love of my life, get married, start a family, have a career, have a house. The possibilities are endless. & if you know anything about me, you know I loveeee playing the what if game. 
I'm excited, anxious, scared, happy, sad, worried, nervous, pumped, and all kinds of other emotions. 
Here we go, the next month will be one that defines the next chapter. 


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