Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week Recap!

Like most of my weeks this summer, I spent the majority of my time with my 
friends! Since this is my last summer before graduate school and probably a job, I'm soaking every day in like it was my last!

Caught up with my friend Breck (from Whim of the South Blog) at one of my favorite lunch spots! Like most days we are together, we somehow manage to find a shopping trip in there somewhere. We stopped by Ashworths where her boyfriend & my friends work! I picked up a Southern Proper hat & a Southern Tide koozie....I can't resist a SoPro hat, they fit better than most of my others! & do I really need an excuse for a koozie? Didn't think so!

Lots and lots of errands! From shipping packages to Target runs, it was a long day of basically...nothing. But atleast I did it in style. My obsession with the Lilly Pulitzer popovers is growing out of control. Clearly, I come by that honest, since my dear mother has the same obsession, if not worse.

I met my mom for lunch & spent most of my day doing odds and ends with her! I also discovered the mango-pineapple smoothie from Target. If you have never gotten one, get up from your chair right now and get a LARGE. They are delish!

Ok...I had one of those "I need a pick me up, time for a hair makeover" days. My past week had been less than ideal & this was just what the doctor ordered. After biting probably all my nails off & making one of my best friends do all the talking, we came to an agreement with the hairdresser on what I had in  mind. I lucked out getting the color specialist that day! I got halo honey and caramel highlights and a slight trim! My hair was so long, I had to stand up for her to cut it (only one inch though). She spent nearly three hours on my hair & this was the final product:

Pick me up day number two. There is no one that cheers me up or listens to me babble on quite like my mom does. I'm sensing she knew I needed a little lunch and shopping date! P.F. Changs & Lilly Pulitzer was the final prescription to me feeling better! I picked up a new collared shirt & my new LP planner! 
My monogram mason jars came in & my monogrammed LP cooler bag! 

If there is one thing most people don't know about me, it's that I never sleep. Granted, I sure love me some naps. It is nothing for me stay up all night and maybe take an hour or two nap during the day if I can. (Its 5 am and I haven't been asleep yet)...I just can't fall asleep. Regardless, today I finally got my rest! Aka I slept from 6 am to 2 pm. IT WAS GLORIOUS. After that, I was ready to get out and do something fun. Met with my older cousin (more like sister) Ashlee, for some outlet shopping!
This needs to be discussed...I bought J.Crew seersucker pants for....wait for it...$14. I know, it's a steal. Between their current sale & my student discount, those babies were bound to come home with me!  

That's how my week played out! Babbling on as usual (: 
 I have an exciting week to come filled with friends, traveling, and the beach! 

Stay Stylin,

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  1. Love the Lilly! Every preppy girl needs a Lilly Pulitzer planner!

    Michelle Elizabeth
    Peonies + Ballet Flats