Friday, January 11, 2013

Growing Up

It seems like this time of my life I am often reflecting on how fast time has really gone by. Especially it being my last semester of college, I have a chapter soon to be closing, & another opening!
Last night, I went to my old high school for a basketball game. While lots of things have changed over the past three years, nothing has changed with my friends and I. We still laugh about the same things, cry about the same things, & relive the same memories repeatedly. I keep looking at pictures from high school & thought i'd share some with you all.

Our Junior class trip! Some of these girls I have been friends with for almost ten years (& some for more)

Our first day of Senior Year. We went to McDonald's almost every morning before school together. It is a great memory from high school.

Johnny Rockets. One of the MANY trips to the beach with these two. There are few middle/high/college memories without these two in it. 

My senior class. Most of us were together since Kindergarten (or for me first grade). Some came later, some left, some came back again, but we all were family.

My final picture. This one seems fitting. It was our first weekend coming home from college. Now my weekends at school are coming to a close & my memories at home will start to begin again.

Now that I have taken my trip down memory lane, I really should get back to getting ready for my mini-road trip tomorrow to Tennessee! 

Enjoy your weekend!


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