Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In Between Clothing Ideas

It is officially my fall break & I am so excited! The weather seemed to have changed over night in Lynchburg from hot to cold. For that reason, I am excited to get back home & bring back some warmer clothes and shoes options. It is always so depressing when my favorite summer shoes officially go back in their boxes and away til April. 
Bringing my shorts and flip flops home was a bittersweet feeling. It was a sign of how fast this year was going. I know the next time I bring back my flip flops and shorts to my townhouse in Lynchburg it will be about time to graduate. While my time at Liberty University is wrapping up, I'm trying to embrace the final seven months of my time here. 
My favorite time in Lynchburg is fall and winter. The drive from Raleigh to Virginia can not replaced, it is absolutely beautiful. People are always so eager to bring out their winter clothing. Typically, flannels are being worn in August, Uggs in September, and parkas in October. Slow it down and don't rush the season. Fashion pet peeve: wearing a winter coat when it is 70 degrees out drives me up the wall. 
Here are a few in between clothing ideas for the month of October and FALL (:
Cozy sweaters are a great in between item. 
Fall: paired with cropped pants, skirts, or a pair of cuffed jeans.
Winter: Paired with a vest, scarf, & colored corduroys. 

Gingham shirts are always a great fall item. 
This outfit is so functional and can be mixed and matched!

I love love love these Vineyard Vines pullovers for a more casual look.

Scarf: Burberry
Shoe: TOMS
Both items are year long separately, but when put with leggings and a long cardigan you have the perfect fall outfit. 

Stay Stylin',
Rebecca (:

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