Friday, October 12, 2012

Beach Boppin' Around

Day Two: Fall Break:

Another great day spent with mom! We walked around a couple places & had a fun time just laughing & spending time together! We went to a great place for lunch. We both got salads that were different than anything we had tried before and they were great! 
After we stopped by Anthropology & a couple other stores around where we had lunch. Did some odds & ends all afternoon long and finally made our way towards Joe's Hamburgers, which we go too all the time (: It was a great and relaxing day together! Now we're busy watching the Last Song, reading magazines, & shopping on Etsy. What do you all like to do on your fall breaks...busy and fun, or calm and relaxed? 

Bag: Michael Kors (obsessed)
 Pants: J.Crew
Shoes: Tory Burch Caroline Flats

Glasses: Versace
Polo: Lacoste

Stay Stylin',

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