Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beach Getaway: Day 1

Day one of fall break has been wonderful! My mom & I came to the beach for a fun girls weekend! We left an hour later than we were supposed to (shocker) due to me and mom's need to pack more than we need. But hey isn't that a girl thing? We got down here and instantly got down to business. The only place down here that sells Lilly Pulitzer is the Belks, so we hit that first. My mom is currently obsessed with the Lilly Elsa tops and is dying for me to be obsessed too. We found some fun Lilly items and other odds and ends including some fun black heels! I've been wanting to find some bootie heels for days I do not have to walk far for class and found the perfect pair! They are so comfortable and were on sale so thats even better!
We headed over to the outlets....Mom went into her home away from home: Kate Spade, while I glanced around as well. We didn't have too much luck there which was unfortunate since everything was 50% off! J.Crew & Michael Kors took the rest of our shopping time for today...I love pants from jcrew cause of how they fit. Comfortable and classy. They had some awesome things as usual, including this adorable lime green winter head wrap for those cold days in Lynchburg! We picked up a few things from there and a couple things at MK.  I'm excited to use my new MK bag tomorrow and maybe even wear a new pair of pants. I have a feeling mom's gonna wear me out with all the things she has planned, but I LOVE spending my time with her, so I don't mind.

Stay Stylin',

P.S. check out J.Crew & donate a dollar to support breast cancer for a 25% coupon for new items!

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  1. Have a fun fall break! I miss it now that I'm graduated. :( Checkout my blog if you get a chance, I just posted about one of my city's greatest vintage shops! Follow if you like what you see. :)