Monday, November 19, 2012

What I'm Watching

I have seen over the bloggersphere a lot of posts about people are watching on Netflix. Is it too late for me to join this party?

I love Netflix.
I love Hulu Plus.
I have both and constantly feed my TV addiction.

Just kidding, I'm not addicted to TV, but am to a few shows!! Here's ten! (okay i'm addicted to tv)

1. REVENGE! All caps are necessary. My best friend had told me to watch this show for a solid 9 months before I finally did...cue my love for Hulu Plus. I am behind on this season, but plan on catching up over break!

2. Rules of Engagement! I just watched this series on Netflix, and am now excited for the mid-season premiere coming up! If you like to laugh, you should watch this show. The first couple episodes are slightly slow, but it's worth it!

3. Nashville! My parents, myself, my aunt, my cousins...WE ALL LOVE THIS SHOW! I cannot even tell you what it is that we love so much about it, but it keeps us watching from week to week.

4. Grey's Anatomy...any Grey's fans out there? I have to tell you, I am hating this season! I think that this show has started to wear off its welcome in the TV world. Butttt..the past seasons have been amazing, so I guess they can have one off season!

5. The City. Ok, ok..I realize I am a solid two years late on this cue my love for Netflix. I have been watching this the past couple weeks strictly cause I love reality TV and these girls fashion!

6. The Voice. I love this so much more than any of the other singing competitions. If you're wondering if Adam Levine has anything to do with this, then you are 100% correct.

7. Parenthood. Started watching this last summer on Netflix and got hooked! A solid family show, that brings out tears from me every single week.

8. Hart of Dixie...I just love it and that's all I have to say about it.

9. Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass...need I say more? Between Chuck's good looks and Blairs fashion sense, I am completely obsessed.

10. Friends. I love it. My mom & I will watch the old episodes at night sometimes and just laugh and laugh. On that note...I probably need all the seasons don't I?

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