Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello Barbour!

Yesterday, I came home to North Carolina for the weekend. After realizing I would be stuck in traffic for a bit, I decided to stop in to see my aunt, since she works off the road I was on! After leaving my phone on vibrate and in my car for a while...I came back to a couple missed calls & voicemail from my lovely mother! Her and my dad were shopping for some things for their upcoming trip to the Big Apple at a local store, Ashworths! Ashworths carries Southern Tide, Southern Proper, Peter Millar, Barbour, etc. My mom had called to tell me of a Barbour coat she wanted me to get! 
That is all I needed to hear. My best friend and I were meeting for dinner and a movie, so she came with me to check it out! After fiddling with it and deciding if the fit was right, I finally decided the Barbour Classic Bedale Jacket was a "need." It is a little loose I feel like in the back, but I asked for a 2nd and 3rd opinion and was told it fit like it was supposed too! I am excited to pair it with some boots and cable knit sweaters! 

Stay Stylin,


  1. I love that coat. I have been wanting a barbour coat for myself for some time now. Whoa, I'm from NC too! Small world!