Tuesday, February 19, 2013

J.Crew PresDay Sale

I was browsing through Rebecca's blog over at "Life with rMe" and noticed a post on the J.Crew sale. I decided to go check it out and ended up picking up a couple items!
Use the code: PRESDAY at checkout for 30% ! It ends today!

These are just precious in my opinion. I just love pants with fun patterns!

I adore these bermudas! They ended up being only $20! 

I didn't pick up the last three items, but am really considering going back for the pink top! It is just so pretty to me! I love the bermudas, but have a pair of navy already! The striped top is just so fun with that pop of color!

Go check out the J.Crew factory sale!



  1. I have the pink top! I love it! My friend has it in green and I loved it on her! She has the pink as well! So does her mom! Haha but seriously though I LOVE THIS TOP

    1. Ahh, it's so pretty!! I def wanna get it! I bet the green is really pretty!

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  3. I had NO idea you had a blog!! You should've told me girl! I love this colors! So pretty.

    I'm a new follower by the way ;) Thanks so much for following me!

    Love ya! Lunch soon??


    1. love you too sweet thang! yes lunch very soon! what does your thursday look like?