Monday, January 7, 2013

Bad Day Turned Good day

So my Sunday night/Monday morning looked a little like this...
baggy eyes, baggy tshirts, & comfy blankets... 

Apple juice, a little childhood favorite to make me feel better, & chick flicks...
Then around noon on Monday I started feeling much better...
still a little achy! 

Because this is my last week at home, I wanted to take advantage of my time. My bad sick day, turned into a great night out with friends. We watched the Bama game & ate some Cookout. 
It was great!

That chain necklace has quickly reached the top of my favorites list....& guess what....It was a Target find! 
I love my shoes here, they are from Nordstroms and after a couple wears they are extremely comfy! 

That was my Monday! 
Tomorrow (well I guess today, since it's so late) I am spending the day with my mom & going to a country concert tomorrow night with my friends! 
Hopefully I will continue to feel better and be able to enjoy my last week at home!

Enjoy your Tuesday, ya'll!

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