Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunday Five

So I love Clarks! I have been wearing my Wallabee's since the tenth grade. Yes you read that correctly, I have been wearing them for five years. After this year, I feel as if they will have reached the end of their long life. This would be a great replacement!

How cute are these Kate Spade mint heels? I love them. They are so feminine! 

Ok. I am new to loving this Celine bag. While they are popular with the celebrities, I just love the style of this bag. My mom & I were recently shopping at Saks & we were talking to one of our "friends" we have made since shopping there. She had recently gotten a Celine bag & was so excited to show us! While it is a heavy bag, I can't get over how classy it is. 

Ok, this is a joke, but so accurate. While I do not have my Mr. Right quite yet, I never fail to make myself laugh. I am definitely one of those people, who cracks up at herself. I have also been unable to finish a story, because I find it so funny. Ask me to tell you any of my tripping stories, I will die laughing for about 20 minutes before I have even started to tell it.

Ok blogger friends. I have a new love for Chanel.We knew I loved the eye/sunglasses, the purses, the shoes, okay, you get it. I have now fallen in love with their makeup! Right now all I have is lipstick and mascara. Buttttt their is an eyeliner I am eyeing (see what I did there) and maybe another lipstick.
Also, check out those snazzy nails! 

Here are some things I have been liking lately, what about you?


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