Friday, January 18, 2013

Everything Good Begins with..."L"

It is no secret ya'll that I loveeee Lilly Pulitzer & Louis Vuitton. 
Hence the title, everything good begins with "L."
Well maybe not everything, but my shopping lately has said so!

Last week I picked up the largest Neverfull Louis Vuitton & I am in love! I haven't used it but one time, cause of the awful weather we have had!
How gorgeous is this Lilly Pulitzer dress? 
The picture does it zero justice!
Picked up this beauty today!

It was so great, I had to get the navy too!
I am planning on wearing this to my Baccalaureate service in May for my college graduation!
Our school colors are red, navy, & white, so this is a great choice!

Lastly I picked up both of these LP shoes today! They were wayyyy on sale!
I can't wait for the spring and summer to get here so I can wear them!

I am home for the weekend and am enjoying some time with family, and relaxing!

What are you all up too?

Stay stylin,

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