Monday, January 14, 2013

Back To Lynchburg

It never gets easier leaving home to come back to school, whether its from a long break, or just a weekend. Like I've said this is my last semester, so I was excited to come back & enjoy everything this town and my college have to offer. While I am still excited, I found myself growing a little sad on my way back tonight from my friend's dorm. 
Life at home is so simple. 
Life at school is not as simple.
It's a matter of finding my routine.
Once I get into my routine, I stop thinking about home and start thinking about what all I have to do that day or week. Give me a couple days and I'll be all set. 
Until then, I'll be thankful for the lump in my throat, for that means I have family and friends to miss, when others do not. 
While this blog post was far from anything fashion, I felt like it was a nice change in pace. It was even a nice way to let out the way I had been feeling the past hour or so! 
I hope you all had a great Monday! 


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