Monday, January 7, 2013

Five Loves

I got this dress at Target over the weekend & am loving it! I wish they made it in other colors. I will have to check it out! Paired with some cute flats & gold accessories! 

My friends have all watched this show for a while & if you follow me on twitter you know how obsessed I am now. I just started last week & I'm already on season 2! 

I LOVE this MK bag! My sister has it in red, but I love this navy! 

Pink nail polish, need I say more?

I have gone to the L.L. Bean  website to buy these shoes multiple times, but can't make up my mind! I see them paired with the cutest outfits! Looking at them without an outfit, they aren't all that great, but paired with some skinny jeans, white oxford & Barbour coat! To buy or not to buy?

What are you all loving right now?

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